5 small sized handmade bags born in Japan,Origin of name Japanese traditional dish Obanzai【79】


Hello.It’s Picturesque.

I would like to write this article in English for foreigners.

Because I want to sell my handmade bags made in Japan overseas.

Work view

This time,I made a series of making five designs with the same material.

The purpose was to discover the difference between the same material but different shapes.

A series of making five designs with the same material

First of all, I think that Type 5 matches this material.

Front:Ventilated jacquard,cotton/54%,silk/26%,nylon/20%,made in Italy.

Lining:Lame twincle satin,polyester/60%,nylon/40%,made in Japan.

Originally I like the elegant taste, so the design itself is somewhat elegant even if casual item such as rucksack.

However, the drawstring type in the middle is expected to be a good finish even with a casual taste material.

Backpacks with this material also fit elegant dresses.

It can be said that the influence of the material is great.


I call Japanese Obanzai(home cooking style dish) name them.

I’m Japanese, so I want to sell it to the world because it’s a handmade bag made by Japanese people.

Clockwise from left of top,Onigiri(rice ball),Tamagoyaki(fried egg),Nattou(fermented soybeans),Kamaboko(boiled fish paste),Mochikinchaku(glutinous rice in a pouch of fried tofu)
Japansese name to 5 mini bags by picturesque

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Thank you for reading & watching.

I will continue to produce and sell bags in series.

Please look forward to it.

Thank you.


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